Private Lessons


Personalized instruction for a number of instruments!

We offer lessons in Guitar, Bass, Ukelele, Voice, and Piano. 

If you're trying to expand your musical pallate, what better than to try something new?  Maybe your group needs to add backup vocals or you're trying to fill out a recording project with more multi-instrumental skills. We've got your back.  We generally start students as young as 8 years old and up. 




Weekly Lessons

Get into the habit of practicing music daily.

Weekly lessons  are scheduled at least one month at a time.  We recommend that beginners and most intermediate students take lessons at this pace to better encourage new learning objectives.  This scheduling option reserves you the same time spot every week for your convenience.



By-Appointment Lessons

Fit musical insight into your busy schedule!

Given the hectic schedules of many adults, we understand if you can't make it to the same time or even day every week, which is one of the reasons we also offer appointment lessons.  By-appointment lessons are scheduled one at a time and do not have a cancellation fee, with prior notice to cancellation.